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From Financial Security to Unleashing Your Dreams, We've Got You Covered! Trust Us with Your Finances, So You Can Live Life on Your Terms.

Your life transformed with us​

We help you tackle the following so you can fully immerse in things you love

Emergency Fund

Create an emergency fund to take care of eventualities like job loss, sudden demise or big expense that occur unexpectedly.

Our smart tax

Paying too much tax? we got you covered with our smart tax planning.

Retirement Fund

Create a retirement fund, with a robust plan we help you prepare for your retirement and support your dreams and realistically tell you how to achieve it and not only that we also help you retire early.


Every life lost not only affects the individual but also has a profound impact on all their dependents. We understand the importance of safeguarding both yourself and your family during unexpected circumstances. That's why we are here to assist you in ensuring the security and well-being of your loved ones when faced with life's uncertainties. (Life Insurance)

Goals and Dreams

We specialize in creating customized funds that align with your unique goals, whether they span 2, 5, or even 50 years. From realizing your dream of owning a luxury car to meticulously planning your child's education, our comprehensive solutions are designed to cater to all your financial aspirations.

Managed portfolios

Are you in possession of an investable amount and seeking effective allocation based on your desired interest rate? We have you covered. Take our risk assessment test and consult with experts for asset allocation and portfolio construction to maximize your investments.

Earn your first crore

Start with a mere SIP of 30k per month with a 10% step up for the next 10 years in a Mutual fund that has given a 14% CAGR for the last IO years.

Why trust us with your finances?

driven approach

We employ advanced financial models to address your specific needs, backed by scientific expertise and modern methodologies.

Synergising fintech and human intelligence

We leverage the power of fintech alongside human touch, merging precision and emotions to create a synergistic experience.

Tailor made risk-return profile

We create customized risk and return profiles tailored to your preferences, ensuring optimal returns aligned with your mindset.

Goal driven approach

We adopt a goal-oriented approach to logically and realistically help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.


We provide personalized wealth portals, consolidating all your investments in one place, ensuring a hassle-free and seamless experience.

Want to Know More?

Six-step journey of your financial wellbeing with us

Step 1

Receive a signed NDA

Signed NDA for safety and confidentiality of data shared.

Step 2

Data Collection

Our financial expert will collect necessary data from you for a hassle free and accurate financial plan.

Step 3

Get your financial plan

Once you have given the data, we will tailor the perfect financial plan for you and a financial expert will present you with the plan.

Step 4

Let your investment begin

Once happy with the financial plan your investments can start with us.

Step 5

Access your wealth portal

You will get access to your own wealth portal which will be integrated with your financial plan, and you will be able to track your investments on the portal.

Step 6

Review and rebalancing

This does not end here we will constantly keep track on your portfolio and review and rebalance it when deemed necessary.

What you will get as a member?

Wealth portal and app

You will receive your own personalised wealth portal to track all your investments with us.

Portfolio review and rebalancing

You will be eligible for a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual portfolio review based on your instructions or when any external developments arise.

Guidance for life

We will provide continuous support until you reach your goal, taking responsibility for managing and allocating investments based on your lifelong objectives.

Holistic Financial Planning

We thoroughly analyse your requirements, including tax and insurance needs, as well as any additional specifications, to serve you holistically and present you with a holistic financial plan for you and your family.

More than wealth

Estate Planning

Create an emergency fund to take care of eventualities like job loss, sudden demise or big expense that occur unexpectedly.

Tax Planning

We provide comprehensive tax planning services through our partnerships with Charted Accountants and tax experts, ensuring a holistic approach to your financial needs.

Equity and Mutual fund research reports

As a responsible firm, we pioneer research-backed investments and publish reports on equities and mutual funds to educate and support our investment decisions.

Financial Consultation

From valuations to analysing your company's cash flow models, we provide comprehensive consultation services for all your financial needs.

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    You Asked, We answered

    Not at all, your investments happens though us, but everything will be under your name in your account where you will have all the rights and access to modify or redeem your investments.

    Absolutely not, charges are applicable only for consultation of extra services availed like estate planning, tax planning and valuations.

    We are not a registered investment advisor as we are non-discretionary managers/distributors, as all transactions happen only with your approval. Additionally, we are governed by AAMFI and SEBI where we need to follow a code of conduct set by them.

    Absolutely not! You can approach us regardless of whether your investment is as low as 500 rupees or if you’ve just started your career. We do not differentiate.

    A financial plan is a personalized roadmap that encompasses an individual’s or organization’s financial goals. It includes an assessment of current financial situations, identification of objectives, and strategies for budgeting, saving, investing, and managing risks to achieve long-term financial stability and success.

    If you have more than 1 asset class invested through us you will be eligible for a wealth portal with your login credentials.

    At SunZen we are very particular about data protection and safety hence we sign an NDA before we even have a conversation with you and provide a high encrypted portal for our clients.

    Absolutely! We will be there with you for the entire process and moreover we have a stronger say for claims on behalf of you 😉